Borghi & Sagre


A good experience in involving people to discover and share information about italian Country Fair


A complete guide to find your favorite, nearest and most interesting Country Fait. A website allow you to deep search into the calendar and a mobile application helps you in find and follow your favorite Fairs.

Io Riciclo


A new social community based on sharing informations about calendar and type of waste recycling in every single town of Italy.



The goal is to build the main Waste Recycling Calendar of Italy using the contribution of any interested single citizen.



Make your professional personal application mobile.


A complete framework to design mobile forms and functionalities for small business application. Without code developing.Extend an existing application with mobile capabilities or develop a new one with no programming effort.


Creiamo soluzioni in mobilità per il tuo social business.


Vantiamo una lunga esperienza nello sviluppo di applicazioni mobili a corredo della tua attività tradizionale. Che siano orientate ai tuoi Clienti o alla gestione della tua attività interna, sappiamo come collegare i tuoi sistemi e le tue informazioni al mondo degli smartphones, dei pads e della moderna realtà social.

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